Web designing
    Today, the Web is an integral part of the business world, but with an endless amount of possibilities, it's often confusing to know just what needs to be done.  

Multimedia Services

We produce web sites from the concept design phase of client to complete development and function. Our solutions are beneficial and are based on the latest technology. Sitra Infotech makes it easy for you to sell goods and services on the Internet, providing simple, affordable solutions that utilize today's hottest technologies. A web site should imitate the image of your business cause u get only one chance to impress your visitor as the "First Impression should be the best". Our greatest inspiration is a challenge to attempt the impossible, so we will be providing necessary ingredients to create a successful web design to promoting your business. Multimedia presentations are ideal for complementing existing websites
We are always working by keeping in mind the new upcoming trends. We help our clients to identify outstanding value and effective interactive content, and produce multimedia solutions for marketing and promotional purposes. We work with our clients to determine the best course of action and to realize their visual communication goals. We have created interactive products for clients in dozens of industries. We specialize in development of the following multimedia solutions and products.

  Our goal is to provide our clients' the preeminent solutions through trendy designs and modern technology.                                      more...
Sitra Infotech makes it easy for you to sell goods and services on the Internet, providing simple, affordable solutions that utilize today's hottest technologies.
  Corporate branding
    The choices you make in developing a corporate image today will play an important role in the success of your companies success tomorrow.  

Interactive CD's
An interactive presentation is an impressive and cost-effective way of or other communication channels. Whereas web users can suffer from slow connection speeds, CD-ROMs or DVD s are the ideal mediums for delivering captivating audio-visual presentations to your audience.

Macromedia Flash Animations
As the Internet evolves people are beginning to expect a more interactive and visually impressive experience. The union of Television and Internet media and technology is undoubtedly the future.
Macromedia flash is a becoming a popular tool on web site now days because of their speed, easy access and new browser capabilities. It gives an impressive look to the online slide show of your business. In the event that the visitor does not have Flash installed on their system, there will be an option to download & install it directly from your Home Page. This takes less than a minute with a 56 K dial up connection.

Animation & Visual FX
Our Animators are well versed in all of these mediums as well as analyzing he needs of our clients. From a 3d rendering of your company's latest product to complex bone system and creature modeling, .We also know how to make our characters perform according to the script. Our experience with 2D and 3D animation and interactive media allows us produce high quality animation suitable for the Internet, other interactive media, and traditional media.

2D/3D Animation
We are looking forward create a new era in the field of Animation. If you have a vision we have the tools and talent to bring it to life. We assure our clients to provide 100% with our work.

Visual Effects
Visual Effects have become an extremely important component of almost every aspect of advertising including print, broadcast, and multimedia. We offer a full range of services spanning from 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics & architectural visualization.

Sound Editing
Visual effects can only say "what to think," music and sound tell you "what to feel." Together they pack an emotional strike! . Our Sound services include sound effects & sound design, voice-overs, digital editing & mixing. A memorable soundtrack is one of the best ways to enhance and complete your presentation.

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