Web designing
Today, the Web is an integral part of the business world, but with an endless amount of possibilities, it's often confusing to know just what needs to be done
  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) relies on third-parties to manage and optimize labor intensive, repetitive, technology-enabled business processes.


  Sitra Infotech is a young and dynamic company providing solutions in Information Technology. The company respects and understands the requirements of your organization and promises to offer the preeminent solution.
Our highly efficient staff after understanding the necessity will generate most resolute and resourceful solution that will give a value added result to your organization.
Sitra Infotech offers complete computer solutions, supported by a genuine interest and understanding in the customers needs, to full backup and strong after sales service, continued updates on product information, upgrade options and impeccable service & maintenance complete the picture. Each site is having its unique and fresh new design, look and feature. Every little item is taken into consideration for the design, navigation and updates to the hosting and search engine registration.


Sitra Infotech makes it easy for you to sell goods and services on the Internet, providing simple, affordable solutions that utilize today's hottest technologies.

“Tomorrow belongs to those who have vision today”.
“Our vision consists in seeing as far ahead as we can and on getting there! Never looking back.”

is pro-actively providing high quality designs/software services even under the tightest budgets and deadlines. Critical aspects of our work include our unique creative approach, innovative design, most modern technology, personal attention and our desire to provide complete customer satisfaction.

  Corporate branding
    The choices you make in developing a corporate image today will play an important role in the success of your companies success tomorrow.  
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