Website designing:
Today, the Web is an integral part of the business world, but with an endless amount of possibilities, it's often confusing to know just what needs to be done. With our vast amount of web experience we can help you down the right path by creating a world class cutting edge web base solution for your business.
Above all else, we specialize in working with you, the client, to produce a quality web site that 1-Works well, 2- Looks Good, and 3- Is easy to use and maintain.
Our creative team is experienced in producing original, effective and sophisticated designs for the customers in different industries. We will make easy for you to sell goods and services on the Internet, providing simple, affordable solutions that utilize today's hottest technologies.

We help from the very first step ie.

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Name
  • Developing & Designing
  • Hosting

Personal website:
Today's trend is all about personalization. In short, everybody will assume that personalization is somewhat very important and personal site becomes the top priority among others. Personal WEB that covers your profile, Project portfolio, Home Album, field of business, how to make a business with you, and also business shortcuts based on the empirical studies. Take of some notes of benefits that you get if you have a personal site:

  • Personal site as your ID
  • Personal Site as your gateway for business.
  • Personal Site as the tool for Personal Branding.
  • Personal Site as your keynote speaker

Corporate branding:
The choices you make in developing a corporate image today will play an important role in the success of your companies success tomorrow. Any company selling a product and/or service should seriously consider having a certain type of image that fits their business model. Its the symbol that identifies you in the marketplace. Sitra Infotech can provide you with the creativity to design your corporate image. We can provide you with the following services.

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